Orchid Penia Black Massage Table.

Orchid Penia Black Massage Table it's Folding and Portable and a Standard Size Massage Table.

This is a very good looking folding massage table that whilst folding is still a full size massage table for use either in the home or as a beauty treatment and massage table commercially.
Orchid Penia Black Massage Table, Folding, Portable.

Folding, Portable, Standard Massage Table.

The massage table has a black PU leather covering which means its synthetic leather and not real leather and is easy to clean, the table itself features high density memory foam on both the main table and the accessories and with this under the covering the table feels supportive yet very comfortable.

For the home user you can unfold this table from its folded state which is a carry case that's made from the two halves of the folded table, being folding its easy to store at home and ready for you when you have a mobile massage therapist call to give you a massage at your own home using your own table or a friend or partner offers you a massage on your table.

Massage tables are very comfortable too so if your thinking you need a spare folding bed consider having a massage table as your spare bed they are really fun to sleep on as well as being incredibly useful as you can use them for their intended purpose too, giving and receiving massages.

The table comes with a detachable face cradle which can be stored inside the folded massage table so you won't have any accessories to lose as everything will be inside the folded table when packed away.

The face cradle doubles as a head rest as well (depending on whether you're lying face down or face up) and there's a face bung in the table too for people who prefer to pier through a hole in the table and there's a removable hand rest that hangs down below the face cradle for clients to put their hands and arms in when lying on their chest.
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