Orchid Santorini Cream Massage Table.

Orchid Santorini Cream Massage Table the Portable Table with Adjustable Table Height, Face Cradle, Arm Rests and Carry Bag.

This is a cream coloured massage table that's portable, folding in on itself into a carry case made of the two halves of the massage table and then to keep the massage table looking nice and free from scratches or marks you can put the table in the included carry bag, the table is height adjustable so you can always massage at the correct height for your size.
Orchid Santorini Cream Massage Table, Portable Table.

Portable Table, Adjustable Table Height, Face Cradle, Arm Rests, Carry Bag.

The table has a beech wood frame and cream coloured PU leather under which is luxury memory foam to provide a supportive and comfortable massage table but its not only the massage table that features PU leather and memory foam the face cradle and arm rests also have a PU leather covering and foam for support.

There's a separate face cradle as well as a face bung so whether you like a cradle or to poke your head through the whole in the table that is the face bung the choice is yours.

This massage table is suitable for home or business use where for home use you might want to be able to give proper massages at home without having to put towels all over the bed and if you like a firm massage you just can't get the pressure easily on a springy bed mattress plus you have to contend with oil spills.

Store the table easily at home because it folds up so small and the carry case keeps the table clean and tidy even if it gets stored for a long time it will still be dust and dirt free when you take it out of the carry case, ideal for a partner or friend to give you a massage on your very own massage table.
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