SEG UM3296 Exercise Bike.

Buy the SEG UM3296 Exercise Bike the Modern Exercise Bike with Adjustable Height Saddle and Modern Computer Display.

Looking for the most modern exercise bike available today, then look no further than the SEG UM3296 Exercise Bike, with its ultra-modern looks and medical grade cosmetics your really appreciate the quality, the digital display is one of the easiest and most attractive digital displays we have seen on an exercise bike in a long time with a jet black display and console head and white circular ring buttons with light green digits and light blue bar graphs it's a beautiful display to look at and everything moves in real-time as you cycle with bars and numbers dancing around the screen showing you your stats as you cycle.
SEG UM3296 Exercise Bike, Modern Exercise Bike.

Modern Exercise Bike.

The 10 function digital display shows you the time you have been cycling, the distance you have cycled, the calories you have burned as your cycling, which if your trying to lose weight is a real bonus as you can write down the calories you have burned ass part of your calorie controlled diet, if you have not been following your diet as rigidly as you should have been then hop on the SEG UM3296 Exercise Bike and burn a few extra calories.

Handlebar sensors measure your pulse whilst you are actually cycling this pulse can then be used to calculate your heart rate, both of which are then displayed on the large digital display.

The huge saddle is very well padded and ergonomically designed to actually be comfortable whilst you're cycling, it's a supportive saddle that will prevent you getting a sore bottom or sore lower back, at the rear of the saddle is an easy to see and easy to use blue coloured lever, simply pull the lever to higher or lower the saddle, the powerful saddle support is immensely strong and your feel safe and secure on this high tech exercise bike.
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