Professional Therapist Table.

Buy the Tahiti Amber Massage Table, the professional therapist table that can also be used as a salon treatment table.

With a super low price of under 100 pounds and with free delivery there has never been a better time to buy a Tahiti Amber Massage Table.

Tahiti Amber Massage Table, Professional Therapist Table

Salon Treatment Table.

The massage table is covered in a 5cm depth of memory foam so the whole table ergonomically supports your body preventing sore spots and promoting a very comfortable and relaxed massage, as well as massage you can equally well us the table for salon treatments as it has a 6 position adjustable backrest opening up the range of treatments a professional therapist can offer to not just massage but salon treatments too greatly increasing the earning potential of a salon or massage professional.

The massage table has removable side pads which provide extra room for larger clients and can be simply removed by pulling the pads out if not currently needed.

A dual leather design is used with the majority of the massage table being cream leather and the edges of the massage table being a deep red leather, the table as well as being functional is very luxurious and beautiful to look at and will be a valued compliment to any massage or salon professional.

The face cradle and arm rests are removable (just pull them off and push them on) and are stored securely on the underneath of the massage table, the massage table when needed to be transported or stored out of the way can be folded up into a suitcase shape, it's a lightweight table that's easy to carry in its suitcase form and yet is incredibly strong made from lightweight beach wood which is both beautiful and strong, the massage or salon table will support a maximum client weight of 240kg or 38 stone, so any client no matter size or shape will feel comfortable and safe on this strong massage and salon table.
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