Chair For Massage.

The Tahiti Niam Massage Chair is a Chair For Massage that folds flat when not in use so its easy to store under a bed or store flat against a wall or transport on the back seat of your car or in the car boot.

If you're a travelling massage therapist or just a massage enthusiast looking for the proper equipment then this chair for massage is ideal as its for sale at a very low price and has free delivery too.

Tahiti Quartz Massage Table, Portable Massage Tables

Folds Flat When Not In Use.

Made from leather with memory foam for added comfort and a strong beach wood frame that's lightweight but able to comfortably support a massage client with a weight up to a massive 350kg or 55 stone, so whatever size or shape of client they are always going to feel wonderfully comfortable and relaxed.

You can adjust this chair for massage to 5 different height levels making it very easy to perform massage no matter the height of the client, with a luxurious 4cm or over 1.5 inches of memory foam your client will feel supported, comfortable and relaxed.

You can adjust the face pads height and angle so your client will always feel comfortable and in exactly the right position for you to perform the perfect massage.

Resistant to both creams and oils you can use the massage chair for salon treatments as well as a chair for massage, the chair even comes with a one year warranty so if you have any faults within the first year the chair for massage will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

It's easy to set the massage chair up or fold the chair after use, a simple unlock button causes the chair to unfold and lock holding the chair securely open until you want to fold away again.
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