Folding Massage Table.

Buy the Tahiti Pearl Massage Table and get a folding massage table that folds up into a suitcase.

The face cradle and side pads are removable and are stored inside the massage table which when you undo the lock folds up into its own suitcase, there's no separate suitcase the massage table actually folds in on itself into a suitcase shape with the handle on the side of the massage table becoming the suitcase handle, it's not some big lumbering suitcase either but a thin and ultra lightweight suitcase.

Tahiti Pearl Massage Table, Folding Massage Table

Folds Into Suitcase.

Made from cream coloured PU leather on a lightweight beach wood frame for added strength, whilst being a portable massage table that's ideal for carrying with you between clients it's also incredibly strong and stable with a maximum massage client weight of 240kg or 38 stone, so no matter how big or small, light or heavy your massage clients they will feel well supported and safe on this strong massage table.

There's a 4 position adjustable headrest which means that this portable massage table has features that even the fixed massage tables don't, with an adjustable headrest you can really make your clients feel comfortable and thoroughly enjoy their massage.

You can carry out salon treatments as well as massage treatments when your massage table has a adjustable headrest giving you more flexibility and able to offer more services.

For maximum client comfort the face cradle is removable and has memory foam under the PU leather and will feel comfortable for your clients even when using the face cradle for an extended period of time, as well as a removable face cradle you can remove the side pads, these give you more room on the massage table which larger clients will welcome.

The massage table is covered in luxurious PU leather and fully oil and stain resistant, just wipe clean any spills.
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