Portable Massage Tables.

Portable Massage Tables for sale including the Tahiti Quartz Massage Table which has a adjustable backrest and can be set flat or in one of 4 positions including upright which makes the portable massage table ideal for both massage and salon work where you might want to offer beauty treatments like facials as well as massage and need a portable massage table that can sit the client up.

Portable massage tables like the Tahiti Quartz fold themselves up into a suitcase shape, the actual massage table folds up and can be carried just like a suitcase as there's a handle on the side of the massage table which becomes the handle on the suitcase when the massage table is folded.

Tahiti Quartz Massage Table, Portable Massage Tables

Massage and Salon Table.

It's a lightweight massage table made from PU leather and thick luxurious memory foam for the greatest client comfort, the black leather looks expensive and posh and sets the right ambience of comfort and care, the portable massage table is immensely strong made from a lightweight beach wood frame that has a maximum client weight capacity of 240kg or 38 stone making this portable massage table ideal for clients of all shapes and sizes.

There's a removable side pad on the massage table that just pulls out and pushes in and when in place gives a larger working area or somewhere for the clients to ret their arms for larger clients this additional spaces is always welcome.

The face cradle is also removable and all the removable parts are stored securely under the massage table and fold up inside the portable massage table when it has been folded into its suitcase shape, the face cradle has lots of memory foam for greater comfort and of course the luxury soft black leather makes for increased comfort.
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