Chairs For Massage.

Buy the best Chairs For Massage and Portable Massage Chair when you buy the Tahiti Ruby Pink Massage Chair, it's for sale at a greatly reduced price and comes with free delivery.

If you're looking for a lightweight massage chair that's easy to move around your house or your massage room or beauty salon then this pink coloured massage chair will be just what you're looking for, made from pink coloured PU leather with memory foam to make this a very comfortable chair for your clients.

Tahiti Ruby Pink Massage Chair, Chairs For Massage

Portable Massage Chair.

Its ergonomic design will maintain your clients correct position and posture whilst you massage or offer beauty treatments, you can adjust the portable massage chair for different heights so your client will always be within arm's reach without stretching and without straining yourself.

With over 1.5 inches of memory foam covering the massage chair your clients will find the chair very comfortable even after extended periods of massage therapy or salon treatments, the face pad is also fully adjustable and the height and angle of the face pad can be changed to suit the clients height and size.

Whilst the massage chair is very lightweight its aluminium frame means its incredibly strong and can support a maximum massage client bodyweight of 350kg or 55 stone, so no matter what the size or shape of your massage client your be able to comfortably seat them in the massage chair.

The massage chair is fully adjustable for all shapes and sizes of client and is water and oil resistant too so whether you use the chair as a massage chair or a salon chair the creams and oils you use will just wipe off.

The Tahiti Ruby Pink Massage Chair as well as offering free delivery and an incredibly low price comes with a years warranty against defects, if you have a problem your massage chair will be repaired or replaced free of charge.
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