Tahiti Wanaka 3 Section Massage Table.

Tahiti Wanaka 3 Section Massage Table with Adjustable Backrest the Multi Use Massage Table for Acupuncture, Reiki, Chiropractic, Osteopathic, Massage, Counselling and Beauty.

The Tahiti Wanaka 3 Section Massage Table is a table that is suitable for a wide range of alternative health practitioners acupuncturists will find the adjustable height of the table and the adjustable backrest ideal for being within easy reach of their clients for the insertion and removal of acupuncture needles whilst Reiki practitioners will find the narrowed portion of the table ideal for getting closer to their clients.
Tahiti Wanaka 3 Section Massage Table, Adjustable Backrest.

Multi Use Massage Table Acupuncture, Reiki, Chiropractic, Osteopathic, Massage, Counselling, Beauty.

Chiropractic practitioners will appreciate the face cradle where clients can lie down comfortably on their front with their face in the comfortable face cradle and Osteopathic practitioners will appreciate the sturdy construction of the frame allowing clients to be manipulated without the table moving and massage practitioners will appreciate the hand and arm rest so clients won't get sore or aching arms when lying on their front and counsellors will appreciate the adjustable backrest so clients can be in a comfortable position sitting upright, at an angle or flat down on the table whilst beauticians will appreciate the fact that the massage table folds up for easy transportation to their next appointment.

The Tahiti Wanaka 3 Section Massage Table has a synthetic leather covering which looks and feels like real black leather under which is inches of thick yet supportive memory foam and where even the face cradle and face bung have the same luxury synthetic leather and thick high density memory foam.

The massage table whilst looking very luxurious has a hidden secret in that if you undo the safety catches the massage table will fold in on itself into a large briefcase for easy transportation between alternative therapy rooms or clients homes.
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