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TrackSpeed3000 Treadmill, Buy Treadmill with Large Running Belt

Large Running Belt.

The TrackSpeed3000 Treadmill is a middle of the range treadmill with a very large running area totalling 15.75 inch width by 50 inches in length that's a really big treadmill running area which will give you more confidence and stop you falling off the treadmill when you get distracted by watching TV or listening to music.

There's a high tech computer with large digital display providing 48 different exercise programmes as well as 5 different display views, there's a pulse monitor built into the handlebars too, so just hold the handlebars and your pulse and heartrate will be displayed on the screen, also the exercise programmes on the built in computer can take account of your heartrate increasing or reducing the effort level required depending on your heart rate which is of course a very good indication of how you are doing, too fast a heart rate means your struggling so the computer should slow down whilst a resting heart rate means you can work harder and the computer will increase the effort level required.

There's a powerful motor too which is capable of powering the treadmill at over 11 miles per hour with a maximum user weight of 16 stone, so big or small this is a great treadmill to run or walk on indoors without having to run outside and get wet, its ideal for use in the home.

For easy storage around your home the treadmill folds with the running deck lifting upwards, wheels are provided so after folding it's easy to wheel the treadmill around your home.
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