Large Running Deck.

Want to buy a treadmill with a Large Running Deck then buy the TrackSpeed3200i Treadmill which as well as having a large running deck is also capable of supporting a maximum bodyweight of 16 stone, so no matter what your weight this large running deck will have you feeling comfortable and secure without worrying about falling off.

The integrated heart rate monitor in the handlebars measures your pulse in your hands simply by holding the handlebars no wires are attached to you its completely natural, just hold the handlebars as you run and your pulse and from your pulse your heartrate is also calculated and displayed on the digital display.

TrackSpeed3200i Treadmill with Large Running Deck and 16 Stone Maximum Weight

16 Stone Maximum Weight.

The exercise programmes included can be setup to use the heartrate monitor and actively check your heartrate whilst your are exercising, running, jogging or walking and automatically adjust the treadmill speed depending on your performance, increasing or decreasing treadmill speed depending on your current heart rate.

If you are concerned that you don't know how to exercise properly and wonder if you will be exercising too hard or not exercising hard enough this treadmill will tell you, it's like having your own personal trainer in the room with you.

When you're not using the treadmill it's easy to store too as the treadmill folds upwards taking a fraction of the space when unfolded and wheels ensure its easy to move the treadmill around too, when folded you can move the treadmill from room to room or just store the treadmill out of the way.

There's a red safety cable too, simply attach the cable to your clothes with the clip provided and then should you fall off or lose your balance the cable will detach from the treadmill and the treadmill will instantly stop preventing accident or injury and ideal for older as well as younger users.
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