TrackSpeed5000 Treadmill.

The TrackSpeed5000 Treadmill is a bestselling treadmill and with its large running area, free delivery and special discount price has become a Treadmills Best Buy.

It's a mid priced treadmill offering a great set of features at an affordable price and has become widely known for its very large running deck so you can feel confident that you have room to run or walk without worrying that you might fall off or miss step.

TrackSpeed5000 Treadmill, Treadmills Best Buy

Treadmills Best Buy.

Included is a high specification computer with 48 different exercise programmes to keep you fit, get you fit or provide variety to your running or walking by offering different courses, straight courses, courses with hills, courses with slopes and everything from fat burning to marathon training.

Hold the handlebars and the built-in pulse sensors will display your pulse and heart rate on the built-in display and the built-in exercise programmes can use the heart rate to alter the course making the running course easier or more difficult depending on your heart rate, it's like having your own personal assistant running with you.

When not in use fold the treadmill away for easy storage, simply lift the treadmill running deck upwards and the hydraulic lifting mechanism will carry the treadmill deck to a vertical position locking the running deck in place straight upwards and making much more room in your home freeing up your floor.

There's an emergency stop which you can just press to stop the treadmill quickly and a emergency stop cord which you can hold in your hand as you run and simply pull the cord to stop the treadmill, great for those who are a little unsure of exercising on a treadmill.

The frame has a beautiful silver finish and is made from strong gauge steel so it will be secure and won't wobble or cause vibration on the floor.
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