Ultimate 12 Man Group Tent.

Ultimate 12 Man Group Tent Sleeps Up To 12 People ideal for Large Group Holidays.

This colourful dark blue and bright yellow tent has lots of space and is ideal for large groups of friends going camping together as twelve people can sleep in the tent in comfort with plenty of space as there's four separate rooms so loots of privacy with up to four people per room (4 per room x 3 rooms = 12 people in the tent).
Ultimate 12 Man Group Tent, Sleeps Up To 12 People.

Sleeps Up To 12 People, Large Group Holidays.

As well as separate bedrooms there's a separate living area so when your in the tent you don't have to stay in your bedroom else you might suffer from 'cabin fever' if you could not go to the communal part of the tent and chat and relax whilst for example its raining outside.

The breathable polyester inner and outer lining dry off quickly if they get wet and the tent won't get damp or smelly even with 12 people inside as the breathable material ensure air continues to circulate which is important because if you buy a tent without breathable fabrics and one person in the party has a cold your all get the cold as the air will have nowhere to circulate so like the Ultimate 12 Man Group Tent buy a tent with a breathable fabric.

With 2000m of hydrostatic head this tent beats the British army specification of waterproofing by nearly four times as the British army specify that a tent must be 800m hydrostatic head to be waterproof so with this tent you have waterproofing that's nearly four times greater than the military standard.

Tapped seams ensure the seams don't split with age and that no water can get between the seams no matter how hard its raining or even snowing, pre-tensile fibreglass poles are used to combine extreme strength with lightweight so that if your carrying the tent its not heavy at only 22kg (3.4 stone) and only takes 40 minutes to assemble.

There's a one year guarantee and delivery is free.
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