Victoria 6-9 Man Family Tent.

Victoria 6-9 Man Family Tent with 3 Separate Rooms Divided Into Sleeping, Cooking and Relaxing.

The Victoria 6-9 Man Family Tent is the ideal family tent with separate rooms and areas for sleeping, cooking and communal living space its just like being at home the polyester lining has an inner and outer lining both of which are quick drying even from the heaviest rain.
Victoria 6-9 Man Family Tent, 3 Separate Rooms.

3 Separate Rooms, Divided Into Sleeping, Cooking, Relaxing.

With a double walled tent the inner wall is breathable allowing bad smells and stale air to exit the tent after all with nine people in the tent your be thankful of the good ventilation and the outer wall is waterproof keeping the tent totally dry with a 2000m hydrostatic head which is the measure of how waterproof a tent is and 2000m being much better than the British military standard of 800m so with a tent nearly four times better than the British military standard your stay warm and dry.

To keep the tent dry in rain and even snow the seams of the tent are tapped to prevent water ingress and strong pre-tensioned fibre glass poles are used to make the whole tent lightweight so its easy to carry yet strong enough to cope with the largest of gales, the weight of the packed tent is 19.5kg which is only 3 stone in weight including poles and will take less than 40 minutes for one person to assemble.

For cooking and eating there's a big living area and with a 6.2 foot high ceiling even the tallest person will be able to stand up straight whilst cooking or just using the tent.

The flysheet is made from a fire retardant material which if you're a smoker is essential.

The tent is multi-coloured with a burgundy top, light blue sides and dark blue trim and will be easily identifiable at even the most crowded of festivals.

Delivery is free and there's a one year warranty.
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