Strong Weight Bench.

Buy the WeightMaster Bench Gym and get a strong weight bench that offers lat pull downs, pullbar and leg extensions and is delivered free.

This strong bench won't wobble of flex like other brands as its constructed from solid steel, not steel tube or pipes like other manufacturers, but solid steel that won't bend, flex or wobble no matter how heavy you are or the weights your training with.

WeightMaster Bench Gym, Strong Weight Bench

Lat Pull Down, Pullbar, Leg Extensions.

This is a weight bench with many additional features and uses standard one inch hole weights so there's no need to buy special hard to find weights, any standard weights will work fine.

Included is a bar rest for safety and for additional safety, retaining clips on the bar rest, ideal for when you want to leave the bar on the rest but keep it securely to prevent accidents or dropping.

Also included is a lateral pull down bar and butterfly bars with a armrest for bicep curls which is removable so won't get in the way other exercises, its removable by just pulling the bicep curl armrest out, no time consuming or complicated fixtures are used making it a very exercise friendly bench gym.

Included in the bench gym is a built in leg station for leg curls and leg extensions, these are padded for your safety and protection helping to prevent injury and increase comfort for repeated reps.

The backrest and seat can also be adjust with both the backrest and seat being moved independently so you can have the backrest at any angle from flat to upright and the seat in any position from forward or backward, this way the WeightMaster Bench Gym can be used by a wide range of different users from tall to short and from fat to thin.

Use the pullbar for bicep curls and preacher curls and the leg extension bars for extension or flexion where your find the comfortable pads prevent soreness and injury.
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