York T101 Treadmill.

The York T101 Treadmill is available with free delivery, these running machines are very good value for money, the York T101 Treadmill is a folding treadmill so its easy to store around the house or garage and the wheels let you easily transport the treadmill.

There's a 3 position incline for people who like walking or running uphill and built in handlebar pulse sensors, simply hold the handlebars to have your heartrate displayed on the digital display and then use the built-in exercise programmes to automatically adjust your workout to match your heartrate.

York T101 Treadmill, Running Machines

Running Machines.

There's 9 workout programmes to choose from including programmes to help you lose weight, tone, workout, run, walk, jog and more.

The treadmill running deck is well proportioned so you won't feel like your about to fall off, there's a emergency stop switch on the treadmill within easy reach just push the stop switch to bring the treadmill to a halt, ideal if your new to running machines and might be concerned about the motion.

As well as a emergency stop switch there's also an emergency stop cord which you can attach to your clothing or hold in your hand, when you pull the cord the running machine will come to a stop, if your worried about using a running machine then the York T101 Treadmill is ideal.

Ideal for the heavier user with a maximum weight of 24 stone able to use the running machine easily, you can even plug in a MP3 player or CD player into the speaker socket and hear your music coming out of the running machine, for those that don't like headphone cables or find they always get tangled up in headphone cables then this is an ideal running machine.
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